Both Canadian companies reached, replied surely to the Counsellor’s request to check out the businesses

Things and Findings

New findings, inquiries and you can findings shared within declaration echo just what Counsellor watched, heard and you may discovered about your latest products encompassing nutrient capital invention into the Honduras during the time of his see. It report will bring easy-test of your insights during the day as knew by the Counselor aside from whichever changes in court status of enterprises otherwise its projects possess occurred pursuing the see of your own Counsellor to Honduras. It provides what he was capable browse and you will validate, and you will recommendations that he feels is useful and you can helpful for clarifying the primary conditions that complicate extractive activity during the Honduras perhaps not just for the companies but also for the fresh new groups and the authorities. New report was graced by more information and recommendations considering by the organizations and folks having whom the newest Counselor found, specific to your several instances, by extra lookup carried out through to the newest Counsellor’s come back to Canada.

Considering the restricted extent of the go to and you may big date spent from inside the country, new Counselor isn’t in a position to offer a complete picture of new perspective, historic otherwise latest, in which extractive interest occurs, otherwise a complete testing away from accusations from additional communities out of brand new techniques of different people. Nor does the fresh new Counsellor’s mandate include an assessment out-of servers nation court and organization frameworks, except insofar as they impact on companies’ efficiency to run for the responsible indicates.

The majority of people and groups who were called graciously found and you will publicly shared their particular details and you can concerns for the Counselor and you may associated Embassy team. Footnote 7 Around three trick authorities establishments together with met with the Counsellor. Footnote 8 One NGO failed to answer constant jobs to help you setup an event, Footnote 9 and something NGO decided to cancel the arranged appointment into the Counselor.

It has got perhaps not come a simple trip are accountable to generate, considering the contentiousness and you can legacies out of prior and provide guidelines and you may strategies. The fresh new Counselor provides attempted to bring a calculated method of brand new dialogue of things, identifying exactly what seem to be the most important inquiries now. The fresh new Counsellor knows that there is going to never be consensus up to every out-of their observations made otherwise results attained. Regarding report he including shares his ideas on components one to will likely be next searched and can in the course of view web site time must be managed from the organizations, by the authorities (and Canada), from the municipal area, by area organizations, by the lookup and you may academic associations to help you

  • foster important discussion and you may talk,
  • target critical gaps when you look at the present policies, measures and you will practices, and
  • assist create most technical or any other associated competencies and you may institutional capacities within local and you may national profile.

Obviously, works remains to be done in buy to better permit mineral financing advancement, if this does occur, to happen in ways (1) you to admiration and you may respond to new concerns regarding organizations, (2) one meet with the judge and you can financial conditions of the country, and (3) that lead to confident organization and socio-economic invention outcomes.

Due to the fact some of the recommendations obtained was delicate or is actually given into the a private basis, the brand new Counsellor has been cautious in how certain the fact is referenced and you may views ascribed.

Stakeholder Products and you will Questions

The person should understand that factors and you may inquiries raised otherwise seen commonly fundamentally form of in order to Canadian government involvements or Canadian providers items, but offer so you’re able to activities and you may initiatives relating to the extractive markets as a whole. Brand new Counsellor have not attempted to differentiate “issues” (and that more often are fact built or maybe more easily verifiable) out-of “concerns” (that may be significantly more emotive, experiential, concern otherwise well worth-oriented, but they are no less genuine otherwise important to individuals who show them than truth dependent circumstances).